About Us

Hello and welcome to my page. My name is John Vargas owner of Macs in a box. I started my baking business at the end of 2020. After being in the military it was a challenge to find my new passion and mission. I worked in the hotel industry for around 10 years before I took the leap of doing my own business. My wife gave me the idea to start a baking business after trying to come up with an idea for a business that had a purpose, served my community, solved a problem, and something I would be passionate about doing. 

Just like that Macs in a box was born. I started off just doing French Macarons hence the name. Shortly after I wanted to add more products for my customers to enjoy. I then created my cookies and shortly after that my brownies came to life. I pride myself in having products that are made from scratch with the best ingredients while still keeping my prices low enough that everyone can enjoy them. 

What does our future look like? As of right now I work out of a shared commissary kitchen. I have plans on expanding into my own full bakery soon. With that expansion I can offer more products and more flavors of my current products.